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MSM® Aortic

Endoluminal Aortic Prosthesis

Technical Details Prosthesis

Type of Designhybrid structure
Middle Sectionopen cell structure
Distal Sectionclosed cell structure
Proximal Sectionclosed cell structure
Radiopaque markers5 Tantalum markers distal / proximal
Diameter14 mm - 40 mm
Length70 mm - 200 mm

Technical Details Catheter

Type of Designcoaxial pull back system
Shaft size12 F
Diameter 14-2214 F
Diameter 24-32
Diameter 36-4016 F
Usable shaft length100 cm
Packagingstraight, double sterile
Sterilization methodETO

MSM Aortic 1

Controlled device deployment

MSM Aortic 2

Coaxial pull back system

MSM Aortic 3

5 Tantalum markers at each end for excellent visibility

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