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BMS Stainless Steel Stent Coronary Implant System


  • 85 μm Struts, combined with a flexible Stent design, the specific radial force enables an ideal placement in highly calcified vessels.
  • MSM offers a large range from 2.25 up to 6.00 mm stent diameter and stent length up to 38 mm in length.
  • An electro-polished surface with perfect rounded edges gives an optimal vessel adaption and reduces the risk of vessel wall reaction.
  • MACE Rate: 12,5% under Real-Life-Conditions (Clinically tested efficacy by Dr. Özbeck - Völklingen/Germany ).

The delivery system

  • Hydrophilic coated distal shaft 1.9F shaft with a rapid deflation balloon
  • The balloon design optimizes a controlled linear expansion
  • A balloon overhang of <5 mm minimises vessel injury outside the stent

Technical Details Stent

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Technical Details Catheter

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