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MSM® DES Sirolimus


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The MSM Sirolimus Eluting Coronary Stent System convinces with its trusted Cobalt Chromium Platform and the largest size portfolio available.

A fully biodegradable polymer coating containing Sirolimus (Rapamycin), enables controlled drug release preventing early thrombotic events and stent restenosis.

The biocompatible PLGA Polymer provides consistent, controlled and a 100 % drug release. The Polymer degrades 100 % into carbon dioxide and water.

The decreased profile results in an increased flexibility and enables an easy side branch access.

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Safety and Efficiency of Sirolimus

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Sirolimus acts on G1 phase of cell cycle, preventing cell from entering S phase and inhibiting SMC proliferation and inflammation.

Effective Factor - Drug

Acting on G1 phase or M phase has different effects

MSM DES Sirolimus 4

Polymer Coating of MSM Sirolimus
PLGA 85/15 Biocompatible Polymer

MSM DES Sirolimus 5

The thickness of biodegradable polymer-coating is only 5 μm, thinner coating increases the ability and effectiveness of delivery.

Advanced Coating Technology

MSM DES Sirolimus 6

During the age of DES, it is very important for stent to remain uniform and smooth after deployment.

Advanced Surface treatment & Coating Technology

During expansion
MSM DES Sirolimus 7
Unique technology for the metal
surface treatment, and
advanced spraying procedure

After expansion
MSM DES Sirolimus 8
Great anti-deformability
Coating uniform
No collapse

Factor that affects efficacy Polymer Coating

drug releasing pattern would affect the whole process of restenosis

MSM DES Sirolimus 9

Four courses of intimal repairing can cause restenosis

  • Platelet deposition occurring in 15 days after stent implantation
  • Leukocyte recruitment occurring in 50 days
  • SMC migration/proliferation occurring in 90 days
  • Matrix deposition occurring after 120 days

Drug Release Rate

MSM DES Sirolimus 10

90-days drug releasing time

First 80% of drug dosage can be released in first month. This controlled drug releasing rate can effectively prevent restenosis during intimal repairing progress

MSM Sirolimus Stent Design

MSM DES Sirolimus 11

Double-helix lengthways structure shape provides excellent deliverability and conformability

MSM DES Sirolimus 12

Sine wave design of horizontal structure provide uniform scaffolding and excellent support force

Well-balanced Support and Deliverability

MaterialCobalt Chromium
Strut thickness65 μm
Coating thickness3 - 5 μm
Metal-artery ratio15% - 18%
Balloon tip profile0.017" (0.43mm)
Lowest crossing profile0.035" (0.90mm)

A lot of published papers* showed that the use of a thinner strut stent is associated with a significant reduction of angiographic and clinical restenosis after coronary artery stenting.

* “Intracoronary Stenting and Angiographic Results – Strut Thickness Effect on Restenosis Outcome (ISAR-STEREO) Trial” , Adnan Kastraiti MD, Albert Schömig MD, 2001; 103:2816-2821, Circulation

* “In-Stent Restenosis in Small Coronary Arteries - Impact of Strut Thickness” , Carlo Briguori MD etc., Vol. 40, No. 3, 2002, Journal of the American College of Cardiology

MSM DES Sirolimus

- Excellent Side Branch Access

MSM DES Sirolimus 13

open cell design with 3 interlinks per segment

Diameter of mostly used device

  • Guidewire: BMW 0.014” (0.36mm)
  • Balloon Dilation Catheter: 0.024” (0.61mm)
MSM DES Sirolimus 14

Delivery system of MSM DES Sirolimus

MSM DES Sirolimus 15

Nominal inflation pressure is 8 atm

  • Hydrophilic coated distal shaft 1.9F shaft with a rapid deflation balloon
  • The balloon design optimizes a controlled linear expansion
  • A balloon overhang of <5 mm minimises vessel injury outside the stent

Technical Details Stent

Type of designopen cell design with 3 interlinks per segment
Design details9 crown per segment
MaterialCobalt-Chromium L605
Size Range2.25 mm - 4.00 mm
Strut thickness0.0026" ( 65μm )
Strut width (Main segment)0.0028" ( 72μm )
Strut width (interlink)0.0023" ( 58μm )
Shortening after expansion< 2%
Recoil< 5%
Sirolimus Matrix Thickness< 18%
3-5 μm
Guinding Catheter compatibility5 F

Technical Details Catheter

Usable length138 cm
Length of the guide wire lumen27 cm
Distal shaftPolyamide, Multi layer tubing
Proximal shaftStainless Steel with PTFE Coating
Shaft sizeProximal
Distal2.5 F - 2.9 F, depending on balloon size
Balloon foldingBalloon sizes 2.25 mm bis 2.5 mm
Balloon sizes 2.75 mm to 4.50 mm4-fold balloon
MarkerEmbedded Platinum/ Iridium Marker
Tip profile0.017" (0.43 mm)
Max. recommended guide wire0.014" (0.36 mm)

Specifications of MSM DES Sirolimus

MSM DES Sirolimus 16

43 and 48 mm long stent, saving for both patients and doctors

Compliance Data

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Order Information

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