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MSM® PTCA Balloon

Technical Sheet

DesignRapid Exchange
MaterialProprietary polyamide compound
Balloon complianceSemi-compliant
MarkerEmbedded Platinum/Iridium
Distal shaft (outer diameter)2.8F (0.93 mm)
Proximal shaft (outer diameter)1.9F (0.63 mm)
Usable catheter length138 cm
Lowest crossing profile0.025" (0.63mm)
Nominal inflation pressure8atm
Minimum guiding catheter compatibility5Fr / 0.056"
Guidewire compatible0.014" (0.36mm)


is one of the most important factor of PTCA Balloon catheter nowadays.

MSM PTCA-Balloon

Tip Diameter Comparison

MSM PTCA-Balloon 2

MSM PTCA-Balloon 3

Tip Hardness Comparison

MSM PTCA-Balloon 4

MSM PTCA-Balloon 5

Excellent welding technique guarantees the smooth transmission

MSM PTCA-Balloon 6

enhanced deliverability and pushability

Hydrophilic coating

MSM PTCA-Balloon 7

pictures were taken by electron microscope

Stability of hydrophilic coating improved safety

MSM PTCA-Balloon 8

Hydrophilic coating:
In the environment of simulated human body fluid, the hydrophilic coating on the distal shaft remain stable after up to 150 times of stirring, shows superior stability of the hydrophilic coating.

Three-directional memory folding

MSM PTCA-Balloon 9

Reduce the size of the balloon and ensure the excellent withdrawability

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MSM PTCA Technical Details

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MSM PTCA Balloon Compliance

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