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Simplest and quickest way to detect Atrial Fibrillation (AF)
to prevent strokes - just 1 minute

CorAF use
It only takes holding the device

The benefits of CorAF

  • CorAF is very easy to use and has no buttons or parameters to be set.
  • When picking up CorAF the device automatically switches on, is ready for use and starts automatically.
  • During the recording green LEDs show the heartbeats
  • After only one minute of ECG recording, AF diagnosis is completed and shown to the patient or physician. CorAF will turn either red or green LED to indicate AF or non-AF.
  • After completion, CorAF will automatically switch off
  • CorAF facilitates storage of 140 ECGs and over thousand of measurement results that can be displayed and printed by simply connecting CorAF to a computer or laptop using an USB cable.
  • The cost related to a 24-hour Holter recording, including patient guidance and analysis of the result varies between $152 and $168. The CorAF can be used for extended monitoring (months) of several patients with minimal cost for patient guidance, external diagnostics and without the need for additional logistics.

Please find further details in the brochure available as PDF- file here

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