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Stent by us

Blood flows.
It circulates through the heart, arteries and veins.
All of a sudden, it slows down. Stenosis.
The narrowing or stricture of a passage.
Time for action - and the only right choice is:


from MSM® - a German company
which specialises in medical devices.
MSM® stents have CE approval
and are ISO 9001 certified.
all products are Made in Germany!

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Our strategic approach and our international cooperation result in innovative, high quality product solutions. More than 90% of all manufacturing steps are done inhouse, those guarantee a constant high product quality and a flexible adaption to our customer needs. A target-oriented development of clinical evidence cooperations with the focus to create global alliance is our special ambition.

Our Mission

We take all efforts to provide our clients and partners with the highest quality, innovation and service to develop and manufacture product solutions managing cardiovascular and endovascular diseases. We are proud helping patients to improving their life.